Miss Beatnik, 1959

Jumping on the bandwagon with Miss Beat, 1959 are these Venice, California pageant contestants:

miss beatnik 1959 la times

Call me cynical, but I think some of these girls are not actually beatniks. I suspect that the girl on the far left just slapped on some eyeliner in the car after competing in the Miss Culver City pageant.


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  1. dave bug says:

    Is it weirder that there’s a near-naked brain monster looming over them or that one of the contestants seems to be returning from her camping trip? Was it not ‘beat’ enough to have electricity?

  2. jogosdecarros.com.br says:


    Miss Beatnik, 1959 « Jenny Haniver…

  3. keylogger says:


    Miss Beatnik, 1959 « Jenny Haniver…

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